"A diagnosis of American middle-class woes and a hopeful blueprint for its revival. ... It’s a thoughtful, lucid study, and it’s refreshing to see an unflinching discussion of the middle-class difficulties that doesn’t surrender to fatalistic despair. ... As a brief primer on the state of the middle class, this is a valuable contribution to public debate. ... A sensible, bipartisan analysis of the future of a major segment of American society." - Kirkus Reviews

"Munir Moon’s perceptive book, The Middle Class Comeback, offers a realistic but decidedly optimistic view of the future of America’s middle class. ... The Middle Class Comeback is smart, succinct, and easy to read, yet it proactively addresses some of this country’s most pressing problems. In a relatively short work, Munir Moon has done an admirable job of focusing on the three key factors that he believes will lead to the resurgence of the middle class." - Foreword Reviews

"The Middle Class Comeback gives concrete reason for hope and a path forward through continued innovation and political engagement. … As he provides a sweeping history of how social and political processes have traditionally been addressed across the board, Moon notes: "The nation needs a new definition of engagement." Diane Donovan, Senior Editor, Midwest Book Review

"An insightful, detailed and yet simple read that breaks down the main social and economic challenges Americans are facing, and the new opportunities that are paving a way for the middle class to prevail once again. … Munir Moon's assessment of the situation is realistic, unbiased, and relevant to the current times. The Middle Class Comeback could not have come out at a better time and it will continue to be relevant for the foreseeable future." - Readers' Favorite
Middle Class

The Middle Class Comeback: Women, Millennials and Technology Leading the Way

In a time when the one-percenters seem to have it all, author Munir Moon builds a case for the average Joe in his eye-opening new book, The Middle Class Comeback. So take heart and take control of your fears with Moon's informative and ultimately inspiring look at the middle class.

Moon, a former financial-industry executive and current business owner, uses his years of expertise to paint a portrait of the middle class that is not nearly as grim as the media would have you believe..

While it is true that the middle class has been consistently squeezed while facing higher costs in health care, housing, education, and taxes, there are many positive developments that spell hope for those making a moderate income.

With clarity and insight, Moon details the ways in which the middle class is setting itself up for a comeback. This includes the increasingly strong presence of women in society; the rise of technology that will both create high-paying jobs and inspire different ways of approaching basic societal pillars; and the imminent takeover of the millennials, a generation that is poised to tackle our nation's problems in a whole new way.

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